Hello everybody! In this part of our website you will find more information about our products; and how they are designed and made. We’d like you to know better and more about our values, what identifies us and what we stand up for.

Our blog will be updated every month with new details. Besides, we’ll share here our brand philosophy, experiences and how we work. You’ll also find news related to fashion and information about other brands which we consider interesting. Together, we’ll find out new designers and style of life.

Naturally, we’d like to learn from you and know your opinions, points of view and any suggestions. You are free to tell us everything you know as we want you to feel part of this site. Send us an email to [email protected] and let us know.

We want to create a community where you can express yourself too. Be part of our blog writing posts to get us closer to you. This will mean an achievement to those who form Libérrimo.

Thank you!

See you next time!



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