Ethical fashion is a concept used to define the clothes designed respecting the social rights of the workers who have made them, and made in an economically fair manner. The consumer holds the power. Transparency is the first thing we must ask for to a company. Being aware of where they produce their garments, who […]

World bank estimates that 20% of the contaminated water in the world comes from the global textile production. Furthermore, the production of textile fibres uses around nine billions of chemicals which also contaminate soil, water and air of our planet; as well as being toxic for the workers in factories or cotton plantations and those […]

To bring our brand closer to you, it is essential to let you know about the Fashion Revolution movement and its role. Clicking on the following link you’ll find information about its origin, what it stands up for and much more [LINK EN INGLÉS] The Fashion Revolution global movement was created by Carry Sommers, Orsola […]

All our products have been designed and made by us. Besides when we need external assistance, the brand cooperates with local workers. The creative process always begins with inspiration from a concept, fabrics, patterns or colours. Inspiration can show up anytime, for this reason it’s required that our minds work constantly. When ideas enlighten our […]

Technology plays a key role in our daily activities; it helps us to make life more comfortable and effective. At Libérrimo, we go for new 3D printing techniques in our innovative designs, which makes us able to mix the tradition and avant-garde we want to instil. 3D printing is a new manufacturing technology; it is […]